Crime Does Not Pay - v1 #12 July 1968


  Most of the tabloids, which had originally held the title for the goriest covers and most warped, violent, shocking, and disturbing images and stories, had, since the late ‘60s, “cleaned up their act” and moved into either the sex or gossip business. A few kept the weirdness alive like The Exploiter which started out in 1969 as a sexploitation film tabloid that soon morphed into a more sensational crime and occult oriented tabloid and then turned into The National News Exploiter and its third incarnation as the National News Extra which kept the weirdness in the tabloids until around 1976. When the National Enquirer went to color in 1979 they started their Weekly World News that same year to utilize their black and white presses and it was modeled on the National News Extra's zanyness.
  The realm of the Hollywood scandal mags was eventually replaced by the remaining tabloid titles who, following the National Enquirer's lead, stopped the freak and gore shows that had been their bread and butter to try and get their publications into the supermarkets. The scandal and gossip mags had pretty much died out by the late sixties, although some, such as Whisper, Confidential and Uncensored, hobbled on into the early 1970s under new publishers only to die out. Myron Fass resurrected Uncensored in 1975 for a few issues publishing it under his National Mirror, Inc. name which was also used on his trash mags Confidential Report and True Sex Crimes. National Mirror had also been the title of Fass' lurid tabloid that he published from 1965-73.
  A few publishers saw the need to keep the cheesecake, gore and shock alive by putting out mags filled with bloody, grotesque images from around the world, or of good old, home spun gangsters with girls and gore. The publishing world’s equivalent of the Faces of Death movie series, so to speak. Their covers added some color to the magazine racks in the 1970s, even though their insides were in black and white and printed on cheap newsprint.
  Violent World only lasted five issues, but they were five intensely jam-packed issues indeed! Violent World did not consist of fictional articles made up in the minds of the writers like some of the tabloids had, but to the contrary they were rather well researched for truth.
  One of the stringers who wrote articles for Violent World was UFOlogist Tim Beckley, a long time contributing writer to such mags and tabloids as Beyond, Fate, Saga's UFO Report, Front Page Disasters, Adult Cinema Review (editor for 3 years), Hustler (movie review critic), Sluts & Slobs, Beaver, The National Tattler, Globe, Unsolved UFO Sightings, Conspiracies and Coverups, UFO Review (publisher), UFO Universe, and a myriad of others that included many of Myron Fass' Countrywide Publications. In fact Beckley met Jeff Goodman the first week that Goodman had worked for Countrywide Publications. Goodman was one of Myron's later editor's who upped the insanity ante on countless mags.
  Beckley started out his offbeat odyssey at the early age of fourteen when he purchased a mimeograph machine and published a UFO newsletter called Interplanetary News Service Report, since then he has authored many a book on UFOs and the paranormal, as well as his articles for mags and tabloids. Beckley says that his article in the fifth and last issue of Violent World, called "Mexico's Monster Babies," was partially responsible for the mag's demise as horrified wholesalers took it off the stands early and killed what few sales the mag had managed to get with the first four issues. Glenn Danzig's first horror-punk band, The Misfits, redcorded a song named "Violent World" after the mag, which had lyrics mentioning the "Mexico's Monster Babies" article.
  The detective mags, which had their start in the 1920s, had a long history of lurid and suggestive covers, but by the late sixties their covers started to head in the direction of bondage porn. Mags with titles such as Detective World, Weird Detective, Real Detective, Deadline Detective, Strange Detective, and others, used both sensational stills from sixties "roughie" flicks, or posed models trussed in ropes being threatened by maniacs.
  In the seventies publisher Myron Fass started several detective/true crime titles which brought the whole genre to a new sleazy level. His titles Mobs and Gangs, The Godfathers, Murder Squad Detective, Homicide Detective, Chief of Detectives, Vice Squad Detective, and particularly the earlier True Sex Crimes and Confidential Sex Report were the epitome of sleaze, “Masterpieces on cheap paper” as Fass admited.
  The cover of the June 1978 issue of Mobs and Gangs utilized a shocking. eye-catching still from the roughie sexploitation flick Ilsa, She-Wolf of the S.S. which Jeff Goodman had done the layout on and wrote the blurbs for. The cover depicted a nude man and woman hanging by their ankles upside down with bloody lash marks across their backs and thighs. As Goodman stated "At Countrywide, we had a huge file of old press photos, handouts, un-sorted stills, plus there was a guy from UPI who would steal photos by the thousands and sell them to Myron for a couple of hundred bucks."

Tim Beckley, stringer for Violent World, with Hyapatia Lee, porn star.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Goodman.

Tim Beckley around the time he met Goodman at Countrywide Publications, circa 1976.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Goodman.

Jeff Goodman's inner sanctorum at Countrywide Publications.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Goodman.

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Many thanks to
Timothy Green Beckley for info on his long career as a contributing writer and editor for numerous magazines and tabloids, including Violent World.

Murder Squad Detective - v1 #3 May 1978

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