Pendulum - v4 #1 Apr/May 1972 with cover featuring Marie Arnold.


  Pendulum and Gallery Press—which were for all intents and purposes--sister companies along with Calga Publishers below. The three publishers were the home of most of Ed Wood’s short stories and articles. Pendulum was established by Michael Thevis in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1967, and was by far the most prolific of the three publishers. Pendulum's editorial offices moved to Los Angeles in 1968. And, as the Pendulum logo suggested—their mags were for swingers.
  Pendulum’s earliest mags, as I have been able to determine, were titles like Lezo v2 #3 and Young Beavers v2 #4 (possibly the second issue of that title), both from 1968, which included the copyright date in the indicia, but had not yet started to put the bi-monthly dates on the contents page. It's possible that Pendulum’s earliest, first line of mags started the numbering with v2 #3, a practice occasionally used by other publishers, possibly to make it seem as though the title was already established.
  Early on Pendulum would run ads in their mags of the “Instant Pussy” and “Instant Peter” variety along with full page ads for tomes such as The Illustrated History of Pornography and The Porno Photographia. Pendulum mags also had paragraph length book reviews for their own adult paperback titles which were available from The Book Bin in Atlanta, Georgia.
  Another curious feature of their earliest mags were ads asking the question “Would you like to be a P.A.R.?” The acronym standing for a Pendulum Anatomy Researcher. These queries were for readers to send in photos of their favorite parts of the human anatomy along with $1.00 for a membership card which made the member an “Unofficial Photo Reporter.” The reader’s photos were to be published in future issues, but as I have not seen any of the results printed in any of the later issues I suspect they did not get much response, and if they did get any in response the photos probably ended up on the walls in the office.
  Besides the fact that Ed Wood, Jr. wrote short stories exclusively and extensively for these three publishers from roughly 1971-’74, they had many other points of interest. The artwork that was used to open the stories and articles was inventive, interesting, bizarre, wacky, and sometimes just plain crude. The best artwork was done by Phil Cambridge who would occasionally sign his work “Philcam” and who contributed artwork to Gallery’s “Sex Tales” series. Of the other artists whose work was seen in these adult slicks, Bill Dial simply signed his work “Dial” which was “laid” spelled backwards, another artist signed “Boston” and another “Huie.”
  Many of the pseudonyms used by the writers were clever and amusing, here is a sample of a few that took the art of pseudonym to a new level: Warren Peece, Cauniferon Lyasnitzk, Sam T. State, Peter Friendly, Stan Back, Cresnot Klondike, Donna D. Dildo (Ed Wood), Don Wand, Claspid Venigsnoft, Piper Sands, Chardon Terpsichord, Chicken Marengo, Phil S. Stein, Clarknift Siftsoont, Walter Minty, Claraque Fropertsnic, etc.
  The sets used to shoot the photos were sometimes hippie pads and pseudo hippie pads with the walls covered in posters and artwork of the time, along with other incidental things such as books, records, calendars, etc. At other times they used the ostentatiously furnished homes in the San Fernando Valley to shoot the photos, like the one used in Ed Wood’s softcore orgy flick Love Feast (1969). Many of the models used in Ed’s softcore sex flicks such as Rene Bond, Linda Colpin, Lynn Harris, and others, can also be found posing in the Pendulum/Gallery mags, thanks to modeling agent Hal Guthu.
  Bernie Bloom's Gallery Press started publishing mags in mid-1972 with Horror Sex Tales as their premiere mag—and what a mag! But, at the same time that Gallery Press was being created, Pendulum was becoming history, as they stopped publishing mags in early 1973.   The bulk of Ed’s work for these three publishers seems to have gone into the Gallery Press titles. All three of these publishers had a few gay titles as well which Wood also occasionally wrote for.
  Gallery Press went through a change in late 1973 through early ‘74, which reportedly had something to do with legal problems.   Around the same time Ed Wood was let go because of his heavy drinking. By early ‘74 Gallery had come up with a new logo which helped to give their mags a new look and they continued publishing until 1976, using a mixture of new material and reprinting some of the earlier stories and articles with new opening page art. The newer fiction and articles were written by Charles D. Anderson and others pseudonymously.
  A two page ad that ran in Gallery mags in ‘74 asked “What’s Your Pleasure? Gallery Knows!” and offered four of their magazines for 15% off the cover price. In the same ad this helpful information was given: “Choose from 27 different titles, over 85 issues in all, uncovering everything sexual under the sun!”
  Gallery also published the highly collectable titles Sam and The Best of Sam which exclusively featured big breast queen Roberta Pedon.
  These companies also issued “Annuals” which were 184 page extravaganzas that comprised three of their previously released mags, perfect bound together with a new cover. These annuals occasionally reprinted some of Ed Wood, Jr.’s short stories and articles also. You would think an annual would have a year associated with it, and the earlier ones sometimes had copyright dates, but after 1971 they all seem to be undated.
  The titles of Pendulum, Gallery and Calga mags were fairly self-explanatory as they reflected the contents or theme of the mag i.e., Pendulum’s Roulette was about swinging with multiple partners randomly, like the pick of the roulette wheel which was its logo; Calga’s Switch Hitters concerned “mate swapping”; Gallery’s Goddess was women in solo layouts in arty poses, etc.
  The titles of a lot of the features as well were indicative of the time they were published, such as: “Crash Pad Quartet”, “Wild Woman Meets Frank Zapper!”, “From Bike To Bed”, “Groovy Gretchen”, “Hitch Hike To Bondage”, “Patsy Grooves Sexy Threads”, “Three-Way Love In”, “Turned On”, “Freaky,” and so on.
  Calga, the third publisher in the Pendulum/Gallery/Calga triumvirate, took their name from a combination of California (Cal) and Georgia (Ga) as it was a co-venture of Bernie Bloom and Michael Thevis. Calga published a mixture of adult slicks and fetish related socio-porn from 1970 until ‘73. Calga’s titles, like the socio-porn mags from other publishers, utilized hardcore photos and drawings and had to include the pseudo sex-ed articles and sometimes fiction to escape the label of “no socially redeeming value” and possible legal costs. These mags were at once the first wave of hardcore mags and the last gasp of the traditional adult slicks before the full onslaught of the hardcore porn explosion that was precipitated by the release of Deep Throat in 1972.
  SECS Press (Sex Education Clinical Series) was yet another publishing company from the folks at Pendulum/Gallery Press. SECS published hardcore sex education or socio-porn titles from 1970-’72.
  In an ad that ran in the Pendulum mags, the header asks “Hard-core Pornography?” with the asterisked explanation below “A short time ago . . . these magazines might have been called ‘HARD-CORE PORNOGRAPHY’ . . . today, it is recognized that this is Adult Educational Material.” Or, as a line in the same ad reads “They tell it . . . and show it . . . as it is.”
  Edusex replaced SECS Press in 1972, but some of the magazine titles were continued although the numbering of the books was started over, as was the case with The Sexual Woman. These magazines––along with those from other publishers such as Research Library, Academy Press, Socio Library, Centurion Press and others––actually did, to some degree, act as sexual education for some, as close-up shots of genitalia––at that time––was a form of sexual education in itself. These socio-porn mags had died by 1974, but they had helped to usher in the early days of hardcore porn which is defined by the use of penetration and “money shots.”
  The photos were mostly printed in black and white with several pages of color in each. The text was almost always clinical descriptions of various sexual acts and/or tastes, usually with short bibliographical notes at the end of each chapter or section. The magazines were an outgrowth of the paperbacks of the same nature published by these companies, but the magazine size format lent itself readily to the use of larger sized photos and drawings, and more of them, than the smaller books.
  Pendulum titles: One Plus One, Two Plus Two, Garter Girls, Body & Soul, Gay Studs, Pussy Willow, Ecstasy, O.R.G.Y., Wild Couples, Girl Friends, Swap, Fun & Games, Heads-Up, Young Beavers, Suck-Em-Up, Savage Sex, Spice ‘N’ Nice, Pendulum, Black & White, Lezo, Cinema Sex, Nude Rebels, Roulette, Wild-Cats, Balling, Nude But Nice, Sensuous Strippers, Gold Diggers, etc.

  Gallery Press titles: Menage, Goddess, Wanted Women, Hellcats, Fig Leaf, Fantastic, Woman’s World, Passion, Boyplay, Man To Man, Couples Doing It, Lesbian Life, Lezo, Lovers, Turn On, Horror Sex Tales, Weird Sex Tales, Monster Sex Tales, Legendary Sex Tales, Hellcats, Party Time, Fetish, Cherry, Wild Couples, Deuce, Sex Stars, Gemini, Sensual Cinema, Bi-Sex, Savage!, Sam, The Best of Sam (w/Roberta Pedon), Gallery, Trois, Bush Lovers, 323 Sexy Singles, etc.

  Calga titles: U.S. Sex and World Views, Primer For Sexual Education, Lesbo Lassies, Belly Button, Switch Hitters, Hit & Fun, Skin & Bones, Sextrology, Mastering Sexual Adequacy, Love Me, Illustrated Case Histories, The Reel Thing, etc.

  Edusex titles: The Sexual Woman, Advanced Sexual Practices, Sexworld, Female Sexuality, Anthology of Sex, Sex Data, Sexual Living, Garden of Eros, The Marrieds & The Singles, Bi Sexuality, A Study of Fetishism, The Sexual Reader, etc.

  SECS Press titles: Adult Garden of Sex, Bride & Groom, World of Love & Sex, The Sexual Woman, etc.

Balling - v2 #1 Feb/Mar. 1972

Black and White - v1 #1 Apr/May 1971

Female Sexuality - Book One

Fetish - v1 #1 May/June 1973

Fig Leaf - v2 #3 July/Aug. 1973

Flesh & Fantasy - v2 #4 Oct/Nov. 1969

Flesh & Fantasy - v3 #3 Sept/Oct. 1970

Gallery - v2 #2 Apr/May 1973

Gemini - v2 #3 Jan/Feb. 1974

Gold Diggers - v3 #3 Sept/Oct. 1971

Heads-Up - v1 #1 Nov/Dec. 1969

Heads-Up - v2 #1 June/July 1970

Heads-Up - v2 #2 Aug/Sept. 1970

Heads-Up - v1 #2 Feb/Mar. 1970

Hellcats - v1 #1 Oct/Nov. 1972

Lesbo - v1 #1 Nov/Dec. 1975

Lezo - v2 #3 1968

Legendary Sex Tales - Sept/Oct. 1972

Nude Rebels - v6 #1 Oct/Nov. 1974

Orgy - v3 #4 Nov/Dec. 1971

Party Time - v1 #1 Aug/Sept. 1972

Savage! - v2 #2 June/July 1973

Sex Data - #2 July/Aug. 1973

Sex Life - Book One Mar/Apr. 1973

The Sexual Woman - Book Six Apr/May 1972

Swap - v6 #1 Mar/Apr. 1972

Swap - v5 #2 Mar/Apr. 1971

Switch Hitters - v3 #3 Nov/Dec. 1972

Two + Two - v4 #2 Apr/May 1972

Two Plus Two - v2 #1 Apr/May 1970

Wanted Women - v2 #1 Jan/Feb. 1973

The Wild-Cats - v4 #2 July/Aug. 1970

Wild Couples - v1 #1 Nov/Dec. 1969

Young Beavers - v5 #3 July/Aug. 1971

Young Beavers - v2 #6 Feb/Mar. 1969

Nude Rebels - v1 #1 Oct/Nov. 1969

Body & Soul - v2 #1 Apr/May 1969

Body & Soul - v3 #4 Sept/Oct. 1969

Swap - v3 #2 June/July 1969

Ecstasy - v1 #5 Nov/Dec. 1969

The Best of Edusex 4 - 1973 Annual

The Anatomy of Sex - v1 Aug/Sept. 1972

Suck-Em-Up - v1 #1 July/Aug. 1971

Illustrated Case Histories - A Study of Sado-Masochism v2 #1 July/Aug. 1970

Garden of Eros - Book One June/July 1973

Lesbo Lassies - v3 #3 Sept/Oct. 1971

Lesbo Lassies - v4 #3 Oct/Nov. 1972

Sensual Cinema - v2 #1 Apr/May 1973

Body & Soul Annual - 1971

Blazing Films - v3 #4 Jan/Feb. 1970

Body & Soul Annual - undated

Garter Girls Annual - undated

Orgy Annual - no date

Wild Couples - v2 #3 Jan/Feb. 1971

Freaky Lovers -v1 #1 1976

Gold Diggers Annual - 1970

Gallery - v4 #2 April/May 1975

Lesbian Case Histories - v2 #2 1975 with Serena in brunette wig on the cover.

Many thanks to
Stephen J. Gertz for providing info on the above publishers.

Two Plus Two - v1 #1

The Best of Sam - v1 #2 1974 w/Roberta Pedon on cover and throughout mag.







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