Freakout - v1 #1 Fall 1967


  One time sci-fi pulp cover artist Milton Luros started his American Art Agency (Parliament News) in 1958 with titles such as Snap, Touch, Cocktail, and Black Silk Stockings, the later title reportedly having been sold to Parliament by Elmer Batters. By 1965 Luros was the most prolific publisher and distributor of the high-end adult slicks in the country and also published non-girlie mags such as 1965's The Face of War - Vietnam.
   But, many other offbeat adult slicks and sexploitation mags cranked out by more obscure publishing companies from the same time period, on both the east and west coasts, constituted a vast array of diverse magazines which are worthy of discussion (if you can get the pages unstuck). These were the mags that I searched for, to include in Bad Mags.
  Generally the adult slicks that came out of New York--the center of magazine publishing in the US at the time--were focused on bizarre fetish-fashion and the more sadomasochistic type of sex. California on the other hand, and coast, published more of the traditional girlie slicks, nudist mags and swinger mags, and was the center of porn from the mid-sixties on, specifically Los Angeles and its San Fernando Valley.
  There was seemingly no end to the number of titles that were published, or the publishers who created them. Some of them were fly-by-night ventures, others had more staying power, but by the time hardcore porn became the accepted norm for the adult market in the early ‘70s after Deep Throat’s success, the softcore girlie and sexploitation slicks, for all intents and purposes, became a part of history and the hardcore “porno chic” took over.
  The psychedelic sensibilities of the late ‘60s had been fertile ground for whacked and way out graphics and subject matter for the slicks. Having said that, these mags were generally not being bought by the youth they employed or tried to portray. Ultimately they were fantasy and masturbation tools trying to sell the “new” youthful attitude toward sexuality to an older male population, but at the same time these magazines offered more than met the groin.
  Some of these mags actually did act as a sort of “sexual education” material for the times, although a slightly warped sexual education in many cases. Close-ups of genitals and sexual activity was a form of sexual education at that time and hardcore porn had its start in the "sex education" and "marriage manuals" of the late sixties and early ‘70s which are now commonly referred to as “socio-porn.”
  Time and hindsight make many of these mags look strange and more alien than they did at the time they were published. Here I’ve tried to focus on the best examples of the weird and offbeat mags, but there always seemed to be others waiting in the wings.   In fact, I didn’t know most of these mags existed until finding them on eBay. Having been too young at the time they came out to know about, or be concerned with such things––other than Playboy, Knight, Adam, and the other newsstand girlie mags––and not having access to any dealers that carried these titles, I only became aware of the adult slicks in the early ‘70s when I became old enough to enter adult book stores on Tremont Street and in the Combat Zone in Boston. Seeing what was available then, I would occasionally buy some collectors items from the ‘60s found in used magazine bins. The advent of the internet, and particularly eBay, has created a forum for all these publications to bubble up to the surface from all the closets, drawers, attics, nooks, crannies, and warehouses that they had been secreted in over the years. Playboy they were not!


















Ankh Life Symbol - v1 #1 Summer 1967
Whippet - v1 #2 1968
Bizarre - v1 #8 inside is a reprint of Bizarre Films #2 from 1968, this is circa 1969
Bizarre Illustrated - v1 #1 1966
Bizarre Life - v1 #5 Spring 1968
Bizarre Life - v1 #6 Summer 1968
Bizarre Life - v1 #1 April/May 1966
Bizarre - v1 #1 July 1967
Bizarre - v1 #2 Sept. 1967
Raunchy - v1 #6 no date
Bizarre - v1 #3 Dec. 1967
Bizarre - v1 #7 Jan. 1969

Roman Charity - v1 #1 Feb/Mar/Apr. 1974
Sexology Today - v1 #1 Feb. 1970
Sexual Superstars - v3 #1 1978

Swingers Life - v3 #4 1968

Swingers Life - no date

Whippet - v1 #1 1968

Bizarre - v1 #4 March 1968

Blast Off! #1 March 1970

Eve #2 1970

Female Impersonators - Summer 1965
Bandito #1 1971
Bizarre Life - #18 1972
Freaks of Nature - v1 #1 1978
Groovie Nudist - v1 #1 Sept. 1968
Mix Mates - 1968
Raunchy - v1 #3 no date
Raunchy - v1 #4 no date
Raunchy - v1 #5 no date
Ankh Life Symbol - v1 #2 Fall Quarter 1967
Mondo Girls- v1 #1 Dec. 1966
Raunchy - v1 #1 no date, circa 1967
Raunchy - v1 #2 no date
Bizarre Illustrated - v2 #1 1968
Bizarre Life - v1 #10 Summer 1969

Bizarre Life Special #1 - The Return of Justine July 1970

Naked - #5 May 1968

Bizarre Life - v1 #13 May/June 1970

Bizarre Life - v1 #2 June/July 1966

Bizarre Life - v1 #9 Spring 1969

Bizarre Life - v1 #8 Winter 1968-'69

Cad Bizarre - v1 #12 June 1968

The Initiation - no date, circa 1968

Hollywood Confidential - v1 #2 1955

Hollywood Confidential - v2 #10 Aug. 1958

Hollywood Confidential - v1 #5 1956

Hollywood Confidential - v3 #11 no date

Man's Favorite Pastime - v4 #4 Jan/Feb/Mar. 1968

Telesex - #4 1975

Sex and the Censor - v1 #1 no date, circa 1968

Photo Exhibit - v1 #1 July 1957

Exposure and Design - #5 (v2 #1) Aug. 1967

Taboo - v1 #2 no date

Exposure and Design - v2 #3 (#7) Feb. 1968

Exposure and Design - v2 #2 (#6) Nov. 1967

Nuts To You - v1 #1 1962

Exposure and Design - v1 #3 Feb. 1967

Ankh - #26 no date

Ankh Life Symbol - v3 #3 (#11) Spring Quarter 1970

Bare Exposes - v1 #4 1961

Sluts & Slobs - v1 #1 Nov/Dec. 1982

Odds and Ends - v1 #1 1969

Sado-Bash At Plato's Retreat - undated, circa mid-70s

Like Wild! - v1 #2 1962

Esoteria #11 1970







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