The Daring Breed - v1 #1 1966


  Seven Seventy is my personal favorite publisher for their raw layouts and use of great photos, clip-art and the wackiest blurbs going, not to mention subject matter. The company started out in the early sixties as Seven, Seventy One, and was located at 6311 Yucca Street in Hollywood, a run down neighborhood notorious for its infestation of drugs and crime. Ed Wood and his wife Kathy lived down the street in the late seventies at 6383 Yucca St. and were eventually evicted from that apartment right before Wood’s untimely death from heart failure in 1978.
  Seven, Seventy One published fairly basic girlie slicks before the name changed to Seven Seventy a few years later. The earlier mags from Seven, Seventy One were more often than not published without dates until they started including them in the indicia sometime in 1965, right before they changed their name to Seven Seventy. There were rarely any credits for the editor or staff and when a story or article was credited it was more than likely a pseudonym. For example in Lusty v2 #1 1966, Sy London is listed as the editor and Richard Rank as the art director, who was listed as Dick Rank in a few other Seven Seventy mags.
  In 1965 they became Seven Seventy Publishers and the look of their mags started to change also. The graphics and blurbs got bigger, bolder, hipper, and wackier. Another of their particular quirks was occasionally reusing captions, sometimes under photos where they made no sense!
  Seven Seventy's address changed a few times but their most prolific period, 1965-’66, was when they were using a Post Office box in Universal City. Then in ‘67 they were briefly at a P.O. box in Burbank before their last address change when they used the North Hollywood, P.O. box mentioned below.
  Seven Seventy mags were most likely distributed by Golden State News as a handful of their later mags carried the GSN logo on the covers and the address, P.O. Box 2201, Toluca Lake Station, North Hollywood, which was the same box number given in the Classic Publications/GSN titles at the time.
  Seven Seventy’s 1965 title Girls A’ Go-Go “The Complete Annual” had a GSN logo on its cover and is an exemplary “Annual” issue made up of the insides of several previously published mags, not unlike the adult slick annuals published by other companies. In the case of Girls A’ Go-Go it is a conglomeration of Fabulous Femmes v1 #5 from 1963 which was published in New York City by N.M. Publications, Inc., and Blast! #6 published in L.A. by Sari in 1963 as evidenced by the reprinted indicia pages. Pages from other mags are also used, but their indicia pages weren’t reprinted. Actually these may not have been “reprinted” but over printings from the initial printing of the inside pages that were then bound together with a new “Annual” cover.
  An excellent example of Seven Seventy at its best would be the June 1965 issue of Jade “The Ultimate in Magazine Entertainment.” The editor’s note at the start claimed that “For years the American public has searched for a new magazine . . . a magazine that combines the Visual Impact of Life, the Readability of Saturday Evening Post, the Humor of Mad, and the Sophistication of Playboy.” It also claimed that the search for a new magazine with all those qualities had ended with the publication of Jade. The issue contained five full pages of Harvey Kurtzman’s “Hey Look” comic strip for starters, and the other highlights were an eleven page centerfold layout of Mickey Jines, the article “The Legend of Frankenstein!” which celebrated Frankenstein’s 145th birthday with many rare stills from various movies, several more girlie layouts, articles, and short stories. But, while the mag was exceptional compared to other Seven Seventy girlie titles it still did not meet the criteria it had laid out for itself in the aforementioned editor’s note, in spite of its use of the Kurtzman strips. In any case Jade was a gem of its genre and is a highly collectible, hard to find mag from Seven Seventy. The title was picked up and used by other publishers and had possibly been used previously.
  Banned, Barred, Shocker, and Raunchy were Seven Seventy’s line-up of sexploitation film mags and referred to them in an ad used on some of their back covers as “The Big Four of the ‘Strong’ Magazines!” Shockin’ Reels and Shocking World had been earlier sexploitation film mags from 1965 which had been dropped from their line-up by that time.
  A favorite graphic element of Seven Seventy was utilizing hand-done script lettering for some of their layout titles and blurbs, as well as the excellent cartoons and illustrations of Lynn Harrison, which were occasionally used.
  By the late ‘60s their layouts and blurbs got even more out of control and frenzied looking, which went along with Seven Seventy’s favorite theme at the time of frenzied youth run amok. Go, kat, go, faster pussycat, kill, kill! Youth culture spiraling out of control with wild sex, drugs, hot rods, motorcycles, surfboards, and nude body painting!
  Concorde Publishing would seem to have been another incarnation of Seven Seventy as they had the same Toluca Lake Station P.O. Box as Seven Seventy did for awhile and picked up their title Raunchy with the fourth issue without missing a beat as to the use of crazy graphics and blurbs.
  Command Publishing Company also had a P.O. box in Toluca Lake although it was different from Concorde's box number. Command's mags like Something Else and The Reel Thing (1970), not to be confused with Calga's later mag of the same name, look every bit like Seven Seventy titles, from the layouts to the type styles. So what, if any, connection there was between these various publishers I leave to future sleaze historians.
  Commodore Publishing was yet another later publishing house located in Toluca Lake that looked like a Seven Seventy "relative" so to speak and was still publishing in 1973. The mags all had ads on the back cover from Buy-Rite advertising other mags of theirs with some bizarre titles pictured like Sex Violence, Skin Scene, Off Beat, Mod Age, Hot Stuff, Bachelor's Home Journal, etc., as well as titles that had once been Seven Seventy's like Sassy, Siren and Lusty.

Seven, Seventy One titles included: Kiss, Pamper, Frenchy, Sheik, Party Doll, Torchy, Precious, Blast, Princess, Nifty Nylons, Siren, Cuddle, Nymph, Kick, Parisian Playgirl, Sassy, Nudes de Paree, etc.

Seven Seventy titles included: Jade, Minx, Girls A’ Go-Go, Classic Cat, Shocking World, Nu-Color Nudist, Banned, Barred, Raunchy, Vegas Playgal, Frenchy, Love-In, Way Out, The Daring Breed, Shockin’ Reels, Shocker, Kick For Joy, Foul-In, Today’s Breed, Bronz-ee, Lusty, Go Big, The Outlaws, etc.

Concorde Publishing titles included: Raunchy, Wow Nude, Accent On Nudism, etc.

Command Publishing titles included: Tripper, The Reel Thing, Something Else, Candid Nudist Views, Switched On, etc.

Commodore Publishing titles included: Lusty, Venus, Swingers International Journal, etc.

Back cover of Sunset Strip Revolt!

Back cover of Tripper v1 #6 1970 - Buy-Rite Magazine Back Issues Ad.
Foul-In - v1 #5 undated, circa 1968
Shocker - v1 #3 1965
Nifty Nylons - undated
Minx - April 1965
Shocking World- v1 #1 May 1965
Banned - v1 #12 undated
Shockin' Reels - 1965
Sassy -v1 #3 undated
Kick For Joy - v1 #6 1965
Shocker - v1 #2 1965
Girls A' Go-Go - Apr. 1965
Shocking World - #4 1966

Shocking World - v1 #2 1965
Torchy - v1 #3 undated
Classic Cat - v1 #1 Dec/Jan. 1969

Siren - v1 #2 undated

Banned - v1 #11 undated

Go! Big - May 1965

Wow Nude - v1 #1 undated

The Outlaws - v1 #5 Apr/May/June 1967

Love-In - v2 #4 undated, circa 1968

Barred - v1 #7 undated
Way Out - v1 #3 July/Aug/Sept. 1967
Jade - June 1965
Nymph - v1 #11 1965
Barred - v1 #9 undated
Shocker - v1 #4 undated
Sassy - v2 #1 1966
Nude de Paree - v1 #1 undated
Shocker - v1 #8 undated

Frenchy - v1 #5 March 1966

Today's Breed - v1 #1 1966

Sassy - v1 #4 undated

Lusty - v2 #1 1966

Barred - v1 #10 Dec/Jan. 1969

Cuddle - v6 #1 June 1965

Nymph - v1 #10 undated

Something Else - v1 #1 1970

Shocking Swingers International Journal - v2 #4 1972

Lusty - v3 #5 1973

Sunset Strip Revolt - v1 #2 circa 1966

Banned - v2 #2 circa 1968

Candid Nudistviews - v1 #9 (#88) with Joyce Gibson on the cover.

Banned - v1 #3

Banned - v2 #1 undated

Diane - v1 #9 1974

Shocking Swingers International Journal - v1 #8 1970

Where It's At - v1 #1 1970

Lusty - #2 undated

Scantie - undated

Skinscene - v1 #2 undated, circa 1970

Parisian Playgirl - v1 #2 undated

Kick - #4 undated, circa 1964

Tripper - v1 #6 1970

Zipper - #1 undated

Barred - v1 #5

Smash - #4 Apr. 1965

Hombre - v1 #1 undated, circa 1965

Hippies - v1 #4 1967







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